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Our new DabitZ™ series combines the innovation of technology with the artistic spirit to take classic markering to new heights called “Dabbing!”

Custom Dabbers™, portable Dab™ desks and an App are all you need! DabitZ™ collection is designed for 3 levels of artistry, making beautiful art approachable for anyone. Starter Sets and Complementary color sets provide all the colors needed, encouraging all ages to try a new technique. And keeps them coming back for more.
Easy as 1-2-3!

Take photo, Convert it, Print it,  Dab it Up!™

Dabitz™ Target Consumer

  • Artistic
  • Technology saavy
  • Ultimate Personalization
  • Great for all ages

Custom designed Dabbers™ for each skill level!

Portable Dab™ Desk to take your creative spirit with you anywhere!

Innovation, Technology and Artistry combined!

New App to convert any photo to pixelated templates!